Preppy Chic

Return to a minimalistic and traditional style. This classic trend is inspired in the university campuses of years past. A sober, urban and elegant look that is comfortable, very functional and versatile at the same time. Sporty touches with ribbons and messages, a lot of check and padding. Long live quilting!

The palette will contain blues, beiges, khakis, mustards, burgundy and toasted leathers that are reminiscent of antique books and will hit the right note. BACK TO SCHOOL!.

Ancestral Folk

Shamanistic trend, tribal, somewhat wild and bohemian.Ancestral symbolism drawn from di erent Oriental, African andAmerican cultures, combined with natural and rustic elements will be indispensable.

The natural and pale colour palette, as well as more intense reds, mustards, greens and burnt tones certainly won’t leaveyou indi erent. PURE ETHNICITY.

80 Bang - Bang

“Cowgirls” and the Wild West are remade with a striking 80’s look that impresses and leaves its unmistakeable mark on all the accessories. The girls will be standingtall and determined with leather garments, fringing, studs and chains. Fetishist details, mixtures and combinations.

BLACK AND SILVER will be essentials, as well as browns, greys and khaki green. Accents of bold colours are important and give an extra dose of optimism. FIRE AWAY!

De luxe

A lavish and opulent attitude, a kind of old-fashionedluxury, prima donna and femme fatale.

This trend pays tribute to the 80’s and 90’s, with some oriental touches. The range of deep violets, fuchsias,reds, burgundy, plums, black, blues and greens surround this look. PURE SEDUCTION.